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skyler moore

Skyler grew up in Okoboji, IA and had a line in the water as early as he can remember. After completing school at the University of Iowa he moved to Denver, CO to purchase distressed real estate. 

While living in Colorado Skyler reignited his passion for fishing and fell in love with the art of fly fishing. 

When not working on a real estate project he enjoys spending time on the water. One of his favorite things to do is visit remote places to chase wild fish that have never seen a fly. 

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Ben Bortner a.k.a the general

The General is currently in Argentina on an extended stay - please refer to his blog on this site to follow his journey.


aaron snyder

Aaron, a recent graduate of Michigan State University, studied filmmaking and has fiercely pursued his passion of video production since venturing off from the Midwest. He recently picked up fly fishing when he linked up with the Hog Leg Fly Fishing Team. Now, if he's not floating down the rivers of the Rocky Mountains, you can find him city bound filming multimillion dollar homes in Denver, Colorado.